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grain? gimme a friggin 50gal drum!

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i actually stopped visiting them, because more and more news turned out to be hoaxes or plain bullox
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Default Don't like them either

Any news site called "The Inquirer" doesn't lend itself to having trustworthy news. The few articles I've read have seemed to be grounded in fact, but sometimes even those look a little oddball or farfetched to be entirely true. I don't plan on reading anything from that site soon.
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Thumbs down

I had gotten into a little e-mail spat with one of the "journalists"
there over a past questionable "news thread".His responses to my emails confirmed some of my sispisions...it seemed he didn't even really understand anything about what he was "reporting" on.
After that i take their "reporting" along with a .13 micron grain of salt...and smile
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Here is anothe reason not to believe The Inquirer of what they post. Check this one out. They are saying that Intel won't be able to produce speeds faster then 3.2Ghz... LOL!!!!

WoW! That contradicts Toms Hardware Guide (sure everyone thinks he's biased) but testing an "engineering sample" of a 3.6GHz. I don't know about you guys, the constant, "We reported first" on practically EVERY NEWS POST! They do is so so so annoying.

It's funny actually. They take a small item or a couple of words from someone and turn it around into a big news post which ends up false. I guess we should keep a chart! Wouldn't that be funny?

News Posts that are false

News Posts that are true

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Despite the utter lack of credibility found on The Inquirer, I consistently link to their website. In my opinion, it is useful ( and sometimes humorous ) to be exposed to this type of information. If nothing else, the story will get people thinking more about a particular subject. In the end, they will typically come away with a greater understanding of a subject...

Personally, I take all the information from that site with a grain of salt...Somedays, they're the only website with anything interesting to read so I will continue to go there...

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druga runda
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Hey, Mike,

I just checked the "refurbished version" and obviously it sounds better now.

I guess you might still think of them what you do, but that is the whole point not to address them publicly, I guess it is better for you and for them.

Still it must be hard to be in the "public eye" as someone will always find some reason to bash you for your opinion.

It is probably the best to ignore the hard opinions from some people just don't forget that most of us who are here and keep quiet actually really appreciate your work (and obviously other guys who keep this site alive ), and that's why we are here.

As for the Inquirer, they might not have good info all the time, and we should take everything with a grain of salt, but that is what they are. The rumor site No 1. at least for me, and I read it as it is interesting more times than not.

and just to discuss the 3.2 ghz PIV.

In fact, the roadmaps only show Intel able to reach something like 3.20GHz on Pentium 4s, and AMD might well have an additional lease of life in the constantly changing Megahurts Madness both firms play.

One problem, according to sources close to the matter, is that when the internal chip frequency hits 6GHz, as it does with the 3.06GHz because the adders are double clocked to get the work done in a single pipeline cycle, Intel will have to eventually re-engineer the design of the P4 to keep it viable. But such a task is of such magnitude that to achieve the frequencies the firm is projecting in 2005 or so, it is probably more realistic to start another design rather than re-engineer all the innards of the processor.

The same roadmaps show Intel has to swap to a 90 nanometer process for the Pentium 4 to achieve higher clock speeds. While some people are speculating that Intel may demo machines clocking at significantly higher frequencies at the Intel Developer Forum in San Jose this week, the new chemistry AMD is producing could give Chipzilla some real headaches.

I guess the guy is not claiming that they will not go higher, but that Intel will stop at 3.2 for the time being according to the roadmaps he has seen... and that speed will ramp up with Intels .09 Um process, which is due second half of the next year. And than/ or in the meantime the processor will be at least modified or reingineered.

You should regard this as rumor - and as such I got it presented, I may come true and it may not, perhaps to whomever the Inquirer spoke to has some clues that we don't and that is why I read them anyway. As for current P4's to be overclockable, some Japanese guys took it over 4 ghz with extreme cooling sooo... it can surely go higher, but we still have to see how high will Intel take it in its current incarnation.

The only official info we have (i guess it is official, perhaps semi-official, offical announcement will be the release of a few weeks before, at least most of sites reports the same) is a Hyperthreaded 3.06 Ghz cpu before Christmas this year, and noone is denying that.

So the point is that this is not offical, far from it, but it is still interesting to read as we all (i guess ) like speculation.
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Seems to me most of you guys/gals are reading the Inquirer the wrong way. I have been reading their articles literally since their inception when Magee broke with the Register, and I have found very, very few faults with the stuff they write. However, they *do* write with that specific tongue-in-cheek English style which is so rare with Americans. I believe you call it "humor"... and if you don't understand that when you are reading it, then you are going to misunderstand 80-90% of everything they write.

Like their crack about GPU and communism, for instance. Yes, GPU was an internal security/counter espionage organisation under Stalin, so that reference is actually totally correct. It does *not* mean that Eva Glass thinks 3D GPU is a communist site - and if you read her article and think so, then I feel truly sorry for you, for you are missing so much of the meaning that it is actually pitiful. The similarity in the names is humourous - nothing more, nothing less.

The Inquirer is usually careful to note that their sources are personal, rumour-based. And in those cases where they get their stories from other sites, they give links and references to them. Unlike some other sites out here on the Net. I believe this is called "fair play", and it is good thing. We should have more of that.

Blasting the Inquirer for making articles based on conversations and personal opinions - aka "rumours" - is, again, totally misplaced. Such things are actually important. If you wait writing something until you can actually quantify it as a visible incident in the market, you are going to be so far back in the curve that the train will already have left the station when you arrive there. I knew about the rise of AMD stocks half a month before it really hit the stock markets, and do you know where I got that information? Industry rumours. Sites like The Inquirer. Likewise with the bust.

Not everything in life can be benchmarked.
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I'm quite familiar with British humour, I grew up worshipping Monty Python, watched Bean regularly on HBO for many years, and Guy Ritchie's movies happens to be one of my most favorite of all times to watch. There's a fine line between humour and stupidity though, whether it's American, British, French, Russian, or Martian, and I don't ever hear about how humourous The Inquirer ever is. But perhaps you're confusing people calling The Inquirer a joke as being humourous?

While to an innocent bystander, that Stalin and GPU comment seems to be "tongue-in-cheek humor" or whatever the Brits like to call it, based on the emails I've recieved, it was a simple potshot taken at me and my site because I'm not one of their worshippers and take everything they say seriously.

You also do realize that "industry rumors" and posting non-credible information can damage and hurt a company, right? Especially when the information is totally incorrect, as has been the case many times, and has been pointed out just recently by Mike here on NVNews? Ah, but to you, it's all in the name of "humour". Right. Go sell that bull**** to kids under the age of 16, perhaps they'll believe you.
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Actually, posting rumours and non-credible information and passing it off as factual in a way which is financially damaging, is illegal under most western laws and as such subject to libel and defamation lawsuits. But, that is not what the Inquirer is doing. I don't recall reading a single article (though with so many I could be wrong here) where they did not clearly mark the source and its credibility, and sometimes in the byline as well as in the article itself.

Actually, the article in question which started this thread states (my enhancements):
"A Japanese web site *claims* to have inside information that *indicates* ..."

Which says very clearly that we are not dealing with a hard fact, but with someone who says something that *may* come true.

It is the very nature of rumours and loose bits of information, that they are tentative. Based on budding trends, personal experiences, single incidences. Even personal beliefs. Rumours are not truth, and they do not at all necessarily come true. And noone can write about industry rumours and be right all of the time - or even most of the time. Can you?

And speaking of the relative merits of your site and the Inquirer, I would have to say that as far as I can see the Inquirer scores rather higher on the ethics and morals scale than your site do. At least they do link to your site when they refer to it (as eg. in http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=5327). You don't. When I read a debate on the Net, I far prefer to be able to read both sides of the issue. But you prefer me not to be able to do that (ref. http://www.3dgpu.com/comments.php?id=895&category=1). Or what?
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Default In response to rmannstaedt...

I'd like to start off by saying that I mean no personal offence towards you. I don't what this to be a negative flame war.

I do, however, think that you have not quite grasped the entirety of the mistake that I pointed out in the Inquirer's article. Here is the quote again:

"A JAPANESE WEB SITE claims to have inside information that indicates Nvidia will introduce its next graphics chip technology in the first quarter of new year, so missing the hectic Yuletide selling season."

I assume that you have read, in its entirety, my translation (http://home.attbi.com/~bobcraig4/kai...ranslation.htm) of the Japanese web site article in question (or read the original in case you do read Japanese). If you have, you will notice that the author does at no point claim "to have inside information". Nor does he even make speculation that "indicates Nvidia will introduce its next graphics chip technology in the first quarter of new year".

The above quote from the Inquirer (and they are the Inquirer's own words, mind you) has nothing to do with humor. It does not even come down to stating rumor. What it is, is a plain, straight fabrication. And while it may have been unintentional, it is still nothing more than a fabrication.

I will have you know, that I would still give an amount a respect to the Inquirer if they had given an effort to understand the mistake after I pointed it out to them. The emails that I have received from them, however, indicate no such effort. They apparently do not care of the accuracy of their journalism to a significant degree, something that disappoints me greatly.

I have no problem with people reporting rumor. I also have no problem if they want to try to be somewhat humorous while they do so. I do, however, have a large problem when people make conclusive statements like the one above, despite the inaccuracy of them. I have an even larger problem if no effort is made to correct mistakes once they have been made clear. The Inquirer, unfortunately, fits into the category of Ďan even larger problem' as I see it.
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rmannstaedt you right wing extremist. You should be shot, you Nazi.

BTW this is a joke. I wonder how you feel if I didn't tell you that was a joke. Making fun of a webmaster in that context isn't funny. BTW there is a joke forum at 3DGPU and it's pretty funny place. Though we don't go around calling Jewish people Nazis and American's communists.
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