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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

I first did DM at 56 and we did great till we got to the Troll boss. He wipeed us twice and we all ran home with our tails between our legs. Granted I was the lowest and the reason why we got wiped because I was the only non 60 and you need a full group of 60 to kill him or at least not a 56 warrior. Any way the group was impressed with me big time and put me on their friends list.

They then invited me to Strat last nite where one priest said I would be slaughtered and help to wipe the two group raid. Well we blew through there like we should even though I am a 58 warrior. I had to leave but they again were impressed and wanted me to do it again this evening.

When I group I let the leader bark out orders and I just follow them and give suggestions when I think it will help. Basically tell me what you want me to kill or keep off you and I'll do it. I don't mind taking orders from anyone with good experience.
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