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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

As a priest I'm just a walking rogue target now for rogues with the (dis)honor system implemented. Soloing quest our grinding alone is vitually impossible. Fear is useless against all rogues now just not undead. Even in groups I'm targeted first and slaughtered.

I picked up a anti-poly, stun honor trinket but it renders useless against rogues. Rogues can stun so many ways and in a nut shell it hardly matters anyways because i'm usually dead with in 3-4 seconds.

My typical outting.

Zero in on mob, nearly kill mob. Surprise, surprise, rogue ambushes, crits for 1300-1500(nearly everytime), lvl 53 Priest nearly dead, rogue cheapshots and back stabs and priest is dead. Sometimes I can rumble off a fear(my only defense) which just gets immuned anyways.

I mean every fuking zone. I was in blasted Lands, western plaguelands and ungoro today and all these zones ganked hard by roaming rogues..

Fuking bs.
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