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Thumbs down My experiences with random crashes of NVIDIA

First I just want to reiterate that this is NOT about getting suspend to work with the driver as some people are confused to think. While getting suspend to work would be nice (really, really nice!) this is a bug/fix request to get the driver NOT TO HANG the system when APM is enabled.

I have exprienced these random freezes myself. They seem to happen when APM is enabled in the kernel. At some random point of using my inspiron 4100 the computer totally freezes. I can move the cursor around, but thats it. And its not just X frozen, as I can't poing or ssh into my machine as well. When i hit the power button it immediatelly shuts off, which is anothewr sign of a total freeze - as when the machine is working properly you hjave to hold down the power button for a few seconds to get it to reboot.

This seems to be somehow related to the touchpad as the machine never seems to freeze when I am typing, just when I am scrolling or mousing around. I have also notice that the cursor will start to drift in some random direction every now and then.
I am fairly certain that this behavior does not occur in XP or when I am using the open source driver. It happens regardless which window manager I am using.

I am using gentoo on an inspiron 4100 with a geforce 2go. I would love to see suspend working properly, but before that it would be nice not to have my system freeze randomly when I am working. This is the only thing preventing me from enjoying linux on my notebook. NVIDIA developers please help!

Anyone else experiencing post your expriences please to make it easier for them to debug.

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