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I think this is where i could be heard then.
I have a dell inspirion 4100 with geforce2go 32 ddr ram. and actiontec modem.
I'm quiet a newbie with linux. The current installation linux is Mandrake 9.0.
I have equiped the system with the 3123 nvidia drivers and made the correct changes to the XF86Config-4 file as suggested and download the drivers for my hsflinmodem from conexant.
My pattern of lockup is whenever i'm online and activated an opengl program/game the laptop locks up. I have no idea which fault it is. the modems or the graphics card?
Anyway IF i'm not online and activated the opengl program it does not lock up.

There is one exception is that if i activated an opengl game that does not require the desktop resolution change. And THEN go on the internet. No lockup.

I know some ppl have the same specifications laptop within this forum as me. So please speak up if you experience similarities or HAVE a solution that i eager for .
else... cheerio
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