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Default problem seems related to total ram to system >= 4 GB

I have the same problem, suspend to ram succeeds, resume starts fans and disks but leads to a blank screen. Keyboard unresponsibe, caps lock key does not light. Need to reboot from the reset key. Ctrl-Alt-Fx to a tty before suspending and then "sudo pm-suspend" works, and resumes fine until I Ctrl-Alt-F7 back to X. Then Crash. Same symptoms as always.

But my problem didn't arise due to a driver upgrade, but a RAM upgrade. I had 2GB as 2 DDR2 1G modules and added two 2G DDR2 modules for a total of 6 GB. Worked great but the formerly perfect suspend resume became suspend-resume-reboot.

Any combo of these modules adding up to 4 or more GB causes the suspend problem. Any combo adding to 3GB, 2GB, or 1GB and the system suspends to ram and resumes like a champ. And that's picking any modules.

What's more when I have all 6 GB's installed but use the kernel parameter mem=4G, the system resume suspends normally (I mean correctly). When I use the mem=4G parameter free only shows me having 2.7G of RAM, I don't know why, but I suspect the total ram to the system is the important measure, not the installed ram.

3 Gigs good. 4 Gigs bad.

Only two of the folks with properly working resume in this thread have included nvidia-bug-report logs. Both showed 4030728K. Since they were posting here, they obviously had the problem before. All other folks reporting these exact symptoms showed greater than 4GB, a couple at just 4045446K. The two guys with 4030728K, could what they did to fix their problems have reduced the available RAM to the system? Seems you don't have to reduce it by much.

Anyhow could I get anyone to try starting with mem=2G, and then check the resume feature again? When you get to GRUB, press 'e', then add mem=2G to the command line for the kernel and press F10. You might want run the program "free" from the command line before you test and let us know what the total RAM available to the system is reported as. If it doesn't resume at 2G then I'm probably not having the same problem you are. If it does resume correctly that way... Well that's a big hint for the Nvidia folks.

And finally.. Hey Nvidia staff who can't get this problem to show on your systems... how much RAM is installed on them?

ps my attatched bug report is for only 3GB installed ram, no mem=X kernel parameter as this gives me the most ram while working Ok. So this is a working resume report.
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