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Default Re: 302.07 no resume from suspend

I can confirm this is happening for me on Arch Linux using 302.17 on a 9300M GS (Laptop).

Was working fine until a sytem update which brought in new drivers.

After suspend, X is going crazy on CPU which causes overheating and shutdown (unrelated problem). I can just about ssh in and start bug-report running but it never completes until shutdown (approx 2-3 mins). The same thing happens with and without vesafb.

Interestingly, if I do a console login only, X doesn't go nuts (it isn't running) but I still get the same issue, again with or without VESA. I can do a bug-report in approx 15seconds in this case.

Also, the same thing is happening even if I turn off X and then unload the nvidia kernel module, again with or without VESA.

The only way I can actually make it work correctly is to blacklist the nvidia kernel module so it never loads and then a console only session will succesfully resume.

I've attached 6 bug reports in a tar'd gz (Using X normally, X off, X off & module removed --- all with & without VESA) and can confirm that the first case of normal X use and suspend was working previously. (I obviously didn't do all these crazy extensive tests when it worked )
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