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Default Re: 302.07 no resume from suspend

I went through a lot of struggle trying to get things stable with my card (GT7950) on my Ubuntu 12.04 x64 load, and finally did with the 295.59 set. Everything was finally going well so you'd think I would have been careful about not letting the drivers get touched, but I didn't so this 302.17 set got into my system through the ppa updates and now I have troubles again..

I haven't tried the resumability yet, but when I first booted after the update I had to hard boot three times before it could pick up some default screen resolutions that could display on my monitors (I'd get black screens or flashing black screens). Now when I try to load a video, or start the screensaver, or try to load an app in wine, the screens will just go black and start flashing and I am stuck until a few more hard reboots until some default resolutions comes back and then I can go back in to set resolutions in x config..

I am sure there are some tricks to make this at least a little less painful, but I am pretty new to the scene.. Also the additional drivers app says the current drivers are activated but not in use.

I don't know how to produce a log, but I attached my conf file.

Update: I tried suspending and got black screens after coming back, but was able to CTRL+SHIFT+BACKSPACE and got my screens back...

Update: Ok I felt bad about not spending the time to learn how to get the bug report. So I've added it as well, in case it might be helpful.

Update: I also apologize for posting in this thread. I wish I would have done this in a seperate thread since i don't have the same issue here.

Update: I was just messing around with settings and decided to try deleting my conf file and resaving it. It said something about auto fixing some mode conflicts and I let it autofix and now things seem to be much more stable.. ;-)
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