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Default Re: 302.07 no resume from suspend

I can confirm this issue on 302.11 and kernel 3.3 with AND without text console

The last working driver is 295.49! If I use a newer version I run into the resume bug: I press the hardware power button and the computer gets woken up but screen stays black, keyboard is locked up and SSH is unreachable.
I don't know if it is of importance: The Power LED keeps blinking (as it does when in STR state) and not even the reset button brings the machine back to life. I have to completely switch off power!! This is reproducible. Looks like driver puts the card (GTS450) into a state where it completely screws up the whole computer.

PS: I can gladly go without it, but having a framebuffer console and (more or less fancy) startup/shutdown animation has been state of the art for years! Please rethink your decision to not officially support it.
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