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Default Re: Thoughts from console owners on NVIDIA's GEFORCE GRID

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
No Not anytime soon. The US is still FAR behind the rest of the world in offering broadband to the population and now with metered bandwidth becoming more coming cloud computing is looking like it will never be really plausible unless these companies strike a deal with the ISPs.

Sorry if anything all this cloud computing talk and remote gaming is dead... The same reason streaming is becoming more endangered because the ISPs are also content providers and if they don't want a service on their pipes they can cut it off, not like there's anyone to enforce fair play.

Also in UK broadband isnt upto speed compared to most of Europe such as Netherlands. I myself am on the best available home broadband at 100/10. However ADSL is still quite popular especially in areas were optical broadband is not available. Most ADSL ISP's offer 'upto' 8MB but this can depend on quality of phone line and also the distance from the exchange. My parents are currently on a 'upto' 8MB ADSL and in real world speeds they are lucky if they acheive anything above 2MB with their connection constantly dropping and severe lag...Even web browsing can sometimes be a task.

This is not the only reason cloud gaming will not take off. I have been a gamer since i was able to pick up a joypad and have since collected many games on many platforms....I have never cared for trading games either and have 1000's of pounds worth of retro hardware and games stuffed in the attic. I am not just a gamer, i like many others am a collector and cherish what i buy.

Cloud gaming will be aimed at the casual gamer that are fortunate enough to have decent internet to play it on and i see it being about as successful as the free games that are available on some TV's with Apps. Cloud gaming to take over consoles ? Not in this lifetime....
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