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Default Re: 302.07 no resume from suspend

Same here, on a Lenovo T410 with nVidia Quadro NVS 3100m running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with 302.07 driver from xorg-edgers.

Suspend to disk/RAM fails to wake up properly, displaying only a black screen, and I have to resort to sysrq to reboot it. If, however, I switch to tty1-6 before suspending, it wakes up just fine, and will only lock up as soon as I switch back to tty7 (X server). If, after suspending/resuming, I restart the X server before switching back to it, things continue to work fine. Those various pm-suspend quirks don't seem to help at all.

As soon as the problem occurs I get a couple of these messages in dmesg:
NVRM: os_schedule: Attempted to yield the CPU while in atomic or interrupt context.
Feel free to contact me for further details, I'm very willing to help nail this down or test beta drivers. This bug is really driving me nuts.
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