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Default Re: [BUG] NVIDIA 302.07 console restore broken

He has a
"NVIDIA GPU GeForce 8600M GT (G84) at PCI:1:0:0 (GPU-0)"
mobile card.

I have an integrated 8200 in my desktop and have no issues on Debian Wheezy/Xfce. For that matter, i never had any issues with this card.

OTOH i have a Nvidia Quadro NVS 135M in my laptop and i have a quirk: every time i wake it from suspend/hibernate, the screen does not turn on automatically unless i move the pointer or press any key (it is set to lock itself).
For a time it did a more annoying thing: It selected a wrong VT after resume (+1 or -1 vs the original one) or it respawned the x server on another VT (dunno which).
I was looking at the blinky cursor with black screen until i realized that switching to VT8 (or VT7) found my x session alive and well. This didnt look to be related to any specific driver version and it went away for good in the recent drivers.

Maybe the OP has something related.
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