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Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
You're missing the whole point Roadie.

NVIDIA has obviously had driver issues with games over the years.

The point of the thread is to alert 7970 buyers there aren't currently good CF drivers for this card. So they might want to wait to buy CF.

If it takes a month to sort this out, $1100 is a lot of cash to have sitting wasted.
At 2560x1600, yes. You keep leaving that fact out. This issue is for a specific resolution that most people don't use.

Only those fortunate (or in this case unfortunate) enough to have a $1000 30" monitor will experience this issue.

From OP:

The problem of not seeing any scaling at 2560x1600 in Battlefield 3 (and ONLY 2560x1600) while seeing no scaling in Batman: Arkham City, crashes at 2560x1600 in Skyrim and the large dips in frame rate in Deus Ex: Human Revolution are pretty dramatic and damning for the brand new architecture.
I wonder if it's a weird 16:10 issue, because the 1920x1080 shows a 100% increase in framerate for BF3. I guess we will find out tomorrow, since Roadhog runs at 2560x1440. Can't wait.
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