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Question Post working out problem with 40.xx trying to work problem out, ONLY system specs

Ok can u please leave system specs and drivers version's what u using here so we can workout where problem could be as some running ok and some not with certain systems.
I start post off with mine and how to do it

Control panel not working with 40.52 + drivers

ECS K7S5A - SIS AGP 1.10 drivers
256MB DDR PC2100
Athlon xp 1700 - Not overclocked
Hercules Fortimissmo 2 sound card - 2.03 drivers
Asuscom ISDN PCI card - 3.33 drivers

Exair Geforce 2 pro 64mb - 30.82 drivers ( Not overclocked)

Winxp pro , sp1 installed

Something simular to this then we can compare whos having problems and whos not
Thank you for all that help.

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