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Default Re: Video tearing with GNOME 3.x

@sandipt: I don't see why this should be relevant at all. Gnome 3.x requires composition to work like Dragoran already said.

@kokoko3k: Tried with both on and off - no difference at all, unfortunately.

@Belegdol: I doubt it, actually. This issue has been going on for a while now and there are still no official words. :-((

In the meantime maybe this leads to other clues: When composition is on, switching from the text console to X takes up to 3 seconds before the desktop fully appears. This happens with both KDE 4.{6,7,8} and Gnome 3.{0,2}. The problem disappears when composition is simply deactivated within KDE for example. I also tried with MSI off, no change at all.
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