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Default Nvidia Go on laptop, black border within XFree86 problem

Hi there,

I had this problem some time ago and posted it (even got a response how to fix it). However, after fixing it long time ago, and now that I've re-done the system, I forgot how to fix it again. Since nvnews doesn't have any of the older posts, was wondering if anyone still knows what the problem is.

Here problem is. I'm using a Dell Inspiron laptop that has a Nvidia Geforce Go. X loads fine, but everything is at a smaller resolution, thus creating a black border around everything.

I remember to solve this problem, I recompiled the nvidia kernel module and added (or something of the sort) to the os-registry.c file,

U032 NVreg_IgnoreEDID 0x1;
MODULE_PARM(NVreg_IgnoreEDID, "i");

I've also tried adding the following to /etc/X11/XFree86-4:
Option "FlatPanelScalingMode" "Scaled"

But, it still does the same.

Any help that can be provided is appreciated.
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