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Default Re: Mysterious heavy slowdown when playing 1080p videos through VDPAU

A bit of an update here. I tried to launch mplayer from console using the same command it's being passed by SMPlayer and strip it down to see if I can find what causes the slowdown. The original command looks like this
/usr/bin/mplayer -noquiet -nofs -nomouseinput -vc ffh264vdpau,ffmpeg12vdpau,ffwmv3vdpau,ffvc1vdpau, -lavdopts threads=3 -sub-fuzziness 1 -identify -slave -vo vdpau:denoise=1,hqscaling=4 -ao alsa -nokeepaspect -framedrop -hardframedrop -nodr -nodouble -input nodefault-bindings:conf=/dev/null -stop-xscreensaver -wid 121634965 -monitorpixelaspect 1 -ass -embeddedfonts -ass-line-spacing 0 -ass-font-scale 1 -ass-styles /home/madcat/.config/smplayer/styles.ass -fontconfig -font DejaVu LGC Sans -subfont-autoscale 0 -subfont-osd-scale 20 -subfont-text-scale 20 -subcp enca:cs:UTF-8 -vid 0 -aid 0 -subpos 100 -volume 32 -cache 4096 -ss 1443 -osdlevel 0 -noslices -channels 2 -af scaletempo -softvol -softvol-max 250 -cache-min 25 -lavdopts threads=3 /home/madcat/Hvězdné války - Epizoda III - Pomsta Sithů ( Revenge of the Sith - 2005 ).mkv
When I change "ffh264vdpau" to "ffh264", everything is OK so I guess there's an issue with accelerated h264 decoding, it would also explain why Adobe Flashplayer is affected.
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