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Default Re: No Optimus support means NO Nvidia at all or no dynamic switching?


I bought a Dell XPS 15 system a week ago, and I though I could easily disable the IGP to use the embedded Nvidia GPU (GT 540M).
I wasn't aware of this hardware mux story, not being present on the system. So I never imagined that this will prevent me to use the Nvidia GPU under Linux.
Now I've an on-board Nvidia GPU, which I've paid for, and which is also totally unusable despite the fact it is marked as supported by the latest Nvidia Linux drivers.

I've the feeling to get caught!

I know that dynamic switching is complicated under Linux, because of the Xorg's architecture.
However, I expect from Nvidia a software solution allowing to perform, at least, a switch after a Xorg restart for example.
Please Nvidia, it's urgent that you find a solution that allows your customers to enjoy the hardware they have paid for, because it's becoming very difficult to find a portable system with Nvidia solutions that are not bound to Optimus.
Will I have to blacklist Nvidia hardware for my next purchase ? It's all depending on you.
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