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Thumbs down Re: No Optimus support means NO Nvidia at all or no dynamic switching?

I am in the same boat. Have to figure out if I can return my $1600 brick and buy a different machine that I can use for scientific computing. nv has lost my business and my long standing endorsement of their hardware being worth the extra cash. It would not have been hard for them to anticipate this and provide a fix as minimal as "turn the low power chip off" in the bios. It would not have been hard to simply advertise that this thing, unlike all(?) their other gpus is windows only.

those of you looking for a partial solution might be interested in looking at vmware's 3d acceleration drivers. if you install a sufficiently old distro (ubuntu 10.04 for example) through player (free), vmware tools will automatically build the vmwgfx driver and give you some minimal hardware gl. however, the hardware you get access to appears to be the crummy intel chip and the virtualization is pretty lacking (broken glsl, tiny max texture units, no cuda, obviously...) But if all you want is compiz, it's okay.
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