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Exclamation Re: No Optimus support means NO Nvidia at all

I think this is a case for reporting nVidia to consumer protection agencies in US/EU!

It has passed more than year and nVidia did nothing to inform costumers that they cannot use their GPUs if there's Optimus technology with it. We still see here and elsewhere confused newcomers with already bought laptops. What if someone can not return the laptop?

Just look at the official page -
it says about battery consumption, automatic performance something... only in 'learn more' can be seen that it has something with switching cards;
the whole page nothing says that it is Windows only technology, that can be learned only in whitepaper (and officially unofficial forum user support, like AaronP)

Lets say Ok, its good enough (as Linux user one can assume that it will not work) BUT there's nothing about making GPU unusable at any way! The only way to learn that is to read whole whitepaper and know X server design and so conclude that GPU cannot be accessed?!
Also, look at driver support list, there are listed all cards which are sold with Optimus, without any marks or warnings. This is misleading.

I think that nVidia deliberately doesn't clearly state this, so if someone agrees with me and lives in US/EU (because I don't) please notify national consumer protection agency they will force nVidia to do something if they can.
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