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Default Re: No Optimus support means NO Nvidia at all or no dynamic switching?

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
On laptops that don't have that hardware mux (i.e. where the display is hard-wired to the Intel display engine), then you currently cannot use the NVIDIA GPU for display, though you should still be able to use it for CUDA and offscreen rendering.

We currently do not have plans to support display on Optimus systems where the display is connected to the Intel hardware, but as you said, it's something we'll probably end up having to look into in the future, to at least provide some basic display sharing. I can't promise anything, though.
Just wanted to make sure.

For this non-hardware-mux case, does that mean there is (currently) no way to use the NVIDIA GPU even if I don't want to use the Intel gpu at all?

I have an Alienware M11X R2 and it seems to be this case.

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