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Default Re: No Optimus support means NO Nvidia at all or no dynamic switching?

This is really a shame. I just bought a new N53SV because I had heard that versions of nVidia on earlier N-series laptops worked right out of the box just fine. Now I find that this isn't the case with this new version. I'll reiterate the sentiment already expressed here, which is that Linux users should not be marginalized. More and more people are switching to Linux as they see what it can do and come to understand it's advantages, especially, as pointed out, within the scientific community - the kind of people who tend to be interested in the higher end products are more likely to be using them on more customizable Linux systems. nVidia is shooting themselves in the foot on this, and it's really a shame to watch, not just because it's a stupid move by a company that is otherwise making good products, but also because there are so many individuals who are going to be left by the wayside on this (such as myself - this computer doesn't have a return policy to deal with non computer default issues).

Super Lame! Please consider offering support here!
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