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Default Re: No Optimus support means NO Nvidia at all or no dynamic switching?

Originally Posted by MichaelS View Post
If they claim that is possible to use CUDA with Optimus. I would know how i could do this?
For instance if i write and compile a CUDA-file (in a Ubuntu 10.04 enviroment) this file does not find a CUDA device (cudaGetDeviceCount returns nothing)? I am preparing a short seminar about Cuda programming at my university and i am not able to test my example programs und compare the performance with the same CPU -programs. Unfortunately i have to give the information that many nvidia-laptops are not usefull for scientific programming under CUDA because they are not able to use Linux. So please Aaron if you can give us a hint how we can use CUDA, give it!

It doesn't work see:

So basically if you want to use Linux don't buy an Optimius Laptop (yet?).
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