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Default Re: No Optimus support means NO Nvidia at all or no dynamic switching?

Dear AaronP,

You should really talk to the nVidia marketing department. I am a Linux nVidia enthusiast and I don't see in the current conditions how I could recommend to buy nVidia inside my company or to my customers.

Here is what will happen if no action is taken from nVidia to support hybrid graphics system under Linux:

First, people will buy an hybrid graphics system with an nVidia because they like the strong commitment of nVidia for the Linux platform and don't know about the issue. They will try to install Linux and will be upset by the missing support and will feel they waste a lot of money for a brick (in my case a Sony Vaio VPCZ12EGX). nVidia will not see any sell drop at this point, just complains, for example on this forum. We are at this stage right now.

More and more people will face this issue and will pass the word to their friend, co-workers, customer to not buy a laptop with hybrid graphics and nVidia cards. This is what I have to do right now: warn co-workers and customers to make sure their laptop is nVidia only not with an hybrid graphics card.

Few months later, nVidia will suddenly see a drop in its laptop sells. It will be too late.

Your marketing department should push for hybrid graphics support under Linux as a strategic action.

Best Regards,
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