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Default Re: No Optimus support means NO Nvidia at all or no dynamic switching?

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
On laptops that don't have that hardware mux (i.e. where the display is hard-wired to the Intel display engine), then you currently cannot use the NVIDIA GPU for display, though you should still be able to use it for CUDA and offscreen rendering...
Hello everybody,

Everybody who spent recently extra hundreds of Euros to have Nvidia graphics inside already knows that.

We do receive the same answer from you - "we don't support optimus" and from the laptop manufacturers "we don't support Linux".
English is not my first language, however - "don't support" should not mean "prevent users from ever using it".
It's not a matter of using hot-switching optimus features, is just using the card at all.
What I don't understand is how comes that it can be used in Windows? (I know the extra-layer mambo-jumbo theory..) Who is responsible for making it work (Intel, the laptop manufacturer that alters the Nvidia driver)?
And how comes Nvidia agrees his hardware and drivers to be misused in such a manner, with no prior warning for people when they purchase those.
I have an Asus N61jv. If installing cuda, nvidia driver gets also installed so intel driver won't work well anymore.

Thanks for your understanding,
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