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Default Re: Final Fantasy XIII Feedback

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
I heard the story is great... after 12 hours of me. Im gonna wait abit, I got alot of games on my plate right now.

btw, You haven't played a FFXIII since FFVII? That would be kinda difficult to do...
The big problem with the story, they just pile it all on. There is no real intro. You just start the game and are expected to know what's going on. Kinda like watching something like Lost midway through the middle seasons.

As for the combat, a huge part of the first 10 hours of the game, you can only choose one option. Auto Combat and you only control one party member. What's up with that?

Sure there is the codex, but who plays a console game to read?

As for missing the other FFs. I played 7 on PC, didn't own a PS2 for any of the others. Played a bit of 8, which left a bad taste as 8 was pretty crummy.
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