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Default Re: Final Fantasy XIII Feedback

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Meh, Most Final Fantasy games were pretty linear. Yeah most had an open world but my Favorite one (FFX) was the most linear of the series. I think linearity for the FF series isn't a bad thing since they focus more on story then they do extra content always. Take FF6, probably the least linear of the series and it really didn't have too much to offer outside the main story.
Well during my early console days FF6 was amazing to me because I could take that ship and go where I wanted, that was amazing to me at the time. Of course later on I saw how linear it was story wise, compared to games like Fallout or Morrowind, but that was what made me love the game.

The best parts of later FFs in my opinion was the later game exploration, looking for secrets, looking for new areas, collecting the best weapons... from what I have read this one has none of that, no exploring towns and talking to people... it just seems too streamlined for me, so I am holding back.
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