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The Inquirer is a total joke. The Inquirer changed what they originally wrote. They added the "update" heading and re-worded most of it to now sound like it's a rumor based news post.

For me, I like poking fun at this website, they open the door for it with their 50/50 news posting. But the stuff they spew they never take any responsibility with and when they are remotely correct, they leave words saying, "We are the first" or "The only site too..." or "We have said this before here..."...

It's amusing, they seem to tack on more dong to cover previous dong or to use the new dong to add to their rumors to make it sound like they are correct and legit.

I have a voice and I use it. I never link diddly to that site. Plus the owner, what a winner that guy is. Can someone loosen the string around his neck as his head is so big it might burst. :-)

For doing this for awhile, I noticed that some sites are droids to others. If you don't like something or want to comment on something you should very well do so. If you seriously think about it, if not adding criticism to your postings what makes you any different then any other news posting site? Seriously...

Mike, I wouldn't of deleted what I said. If that's how you feel you should stick to your guns bro... :-)

Just tossing in my two cents...

D. Solomon Jr.

Oh! One thing I noticed over at the TI site is that about 99% of the posters plug to one email address:, even Mike Magee's name. I guess they did this to mask any persons email address from getting spammed? Heh

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