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i think the Inquirer does enough on thier own to make many people question their credibility.

however, the Inquirer also gets linked so often from so many different and highly trafficed sites, i think it is good that people are made aware that they should read whatever the Inquirer posts with skepticism. i would say at best there is a 50/50 chance that whatever you read there is rubbish when dealing with video card stuff. is bashing them on another news site warranted? i would say so. many people believe whatever they read, even if prior information seems to disprove it. and the Inquirer seems to have a nasty habit of quantifying rumors as facts, which in turn, get spouted off in forums as facts. very annoying.

perhaps the most disturbing thing i've seen at the Inquirer in numerous posts is the lack of journalistic professionalism. i've read plenty of articles there where the author is so ridiculously biased against successful companies like nvidia and Intel. maybe it's just an attempt at humor, but it doesn't sound like it. pot shots are taken so often, and then remarkably there is the ass kissing artlice every so the same author!

i mean honestly, using just the past few months as a measurement, we have seen the Inquirer publish again and again things that would suggest that something is terribly wrong with .13@ TSMC and NV30, and nvidia in general. then just a month ago or so, they had an article saying that nvidia's stock price was undervalued and should skyrocket soon? um...yeah.
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