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Default The Inquirer Blasted


Are we in for another round of website wars...

Apart from that comment above, as a regular reader on both sites it seems to me that the article, or opinion on the Inquirer integrity is harsh.

While you might say that the info they posted was misleading, they did qualify this a rumor (at least now when I read it).

The article in question is here
Furthermore they got Nvidia respond to them directly and they have posted that too now. Going further VR Zone felt free and interpreted the info too... Sooo...

So what I am trying to say is that the Inquirer is still a good place to visit even though they might be posting everything they get hold of, it is mostly correct info. When you try to be on cutting edge you can't wait for official announcments to publish at the same time as CNET and that is pretty much the reason most of us who go there go ---> To get bits of info eary. Even if the info is incorrect sometimes (please remind me when ) their predictions do come true more often than not. However this is only my opinion.

Still giving opinions like this
It's my opinion that none of the news they post can be considered trustworthy.
is surely asking for dislike from them. OK if you don't have any respect for them anymore...
Anyway... having friends,colleagues (or at least not enemies) probably is better than making enemies publicly...

Just thought to post this, and to end my rant I will still read both as I do find both of your sites good with plenty of interesting info.

(If I was wating for offical/PR-ed/*We have designed middleware to bridge the gap between mission critical applications to drill down into a 3D Web-based paradigm* info only and lame reviews I'd be reading CNET and ZDNET )
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