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jAkUp 06-16-08 08:12 AM

5 Attachment(s)
Here it is, the EVGA GTX 280. And yes, it is fast, and in some cases a single GTX 280 is faster than Quad SLI!

1GB of framebuffer with a 512bit interface eliminate all the microstutters with the GX2 that were noticeable on WiC and Vantage, just smooth goodness :D




3DMark Vantage:
Performance Setting

GX2 Quad SLI= 17,397 (46FPS/52FPS)
Single GTX 280 = 11,300 (29FPS/28FPS)
GTX 280 2-way = 18,641 (54/53FPS)
GTX 280 3-way = 22,882 (70FPS/73FPS)

1920x1200 2xAA, Very High, DX10

GX2 Quad SLI = 23FPS
Single GTX 280 = 18FPS
GTX 280 2-way = 34FPS
GTX 280 3-way = 46FPS

World In Conflict:
1920x1200 4xAA/16xAF, Max Settings

GX2 Quad SLI = 53FPS
Single GTX 280 = 37FPS
GTX 280 2-way = 66FPS
GTX 280 3-way = 67FPS

1920x1200 16xAA/16xAF, Max Settings

GX2 Quad SLI = 45FPS
Single GTX 280 = 48FPS
GTX 280 2-way = 57FPS
GTX 280 3-way = 76FPS

Here is the highest overclock I was able to obtain, nearly a 2600MHz memory clock! Over 165GB/s of memory bandwidth.. wow :headexplode:
Stock: 600/1296/2214
OC: 684/1472/2592


And finally, some Crysis screenshots at 1920x1200 with 4xAA/16xAF everything maxed to the fullest! You can see the framerate and card temperatures in the top left hand of the screenshot. For the first time ever, Crysis is very playable with 4x/16x Very High DX10 settings :D

http://img390.imageshack.us/img390/6...2236bb5.th.jpg http://img362.imageshack.us/img362/1...0420oc3.th.jpg http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/9...1234ep9.th.jpg

K007 06-16-08 08:14 AM

Re: EVGA GTX 280
Don't lie..you had this for months....

Nice ><

vmsein 06-16-08 08:17 AM

Re: EVGA GTX 280
Impressive show piece!

Uberpwnage 06-16-08 08:17 AM

Re: EVGA GTX 280
Nice results jAkUp, especially like the memory clock. This is the most positive 280 review I've seen yet...basically one GTX 280 is close to quad SLI in Crysis and Grid with your config? Seems alot higher then anything else I've seen. Maybe it's that QX9650 power that other reviews seem to be lacking :rolleyes:.

Imbroglio 06-16-08 08:18 AM

Re: EVGA GTX 280
nice of you to come out of your shell and update your sig with what we know you've had for the past month if not longer :captnkill:

very nice (nana2)

Spyke 06-16-08 08:19 AM

Re: EVGA GTX 280
If his camera's date is correct, almost 3 months.

EDIT: Year is way off. Oops.

Still, *drool*

mcolbourn 06-16-08 08:20 AM

Re: EVGA GTX 280
Another nice upgrade there Jakup!!


Originally Posted by Spyke (Post 1682762)
If his camera's date is correct, almost 3 months. :P

I wonder if you hit the nail on the head Spyke?

SLippe 06-16-08 08:24 AM

Re: EVGA GTX 280
What drivers are you using, jAkUp?

Madpistol 06-16-08 09:01 AM

Re: EVGA GTX 280

Nice set of cards you've got.

Dreamingawake 06-16-08 09:45 AM

Re: EVGA GTX 280
it takes 3 of these to play crysis decently ??


harsh man.

there will probably be better looking games out soon enough, which not only
look better but also run better.

while the numbers are impressive it's definitely not worth it!!!!!!!!!

walterman 06-16-08 09:48 AM

Re: EVGA GTX 280

Originally Posted by K007 (Post 1682750)
Don't lie..you had this for months....

Nice ><

Ha, Ha, Ha ! I knew it too ! :D

Jacob, awesome rig, as always :thumbsup:

LordJuanlo 06-16-08 09:59 AM

Re: EVGA GTX 280
ROFLMAO... I bet nVidia would love there would be more customers like jAkUp

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