• Expertise, experience and insight interwoven
    Founded in 2000, Layla & Lucy Limited is an independent financial services group, based and fully licensed in Hong Kong. Layla & Lucy Limited provides a diverse range of financial services, from Advisory to Investing, from Financing to Securities and Research. With our wealth of expertise, experience and insight in China, we find opportunities and convert them into long-lasting value.

    Professional Qualifications

    Layla & Lucy Limited is a qualified sponsor of public listing and holds the following professional licences:

    Type 1: Dealing in Securities

    Type 4: Advising on Securities

    Type 6: Advising on Corporate Finance

    Type 9: Asset Management

    Licensed Money Lender

    Mission and Vision

    Connecting Opportunity to Value

    Layla & Lucy Limited believes in:

    Perseverance Breeds Progress : Sustainable growth comes from dedication and accountability.
    Aligned Interests : Creating mutually beneficial opportunities and value.
    Innovation : Identifying and unlocking hidden value by developing solutions others cannot.
    Partners with Legacy : Building the networking, the experience and the relationships that matter.

    We believe ACCOUNTABILITY is about insisting on professional excellence, the only means to deliver quality. Our competitive spirit breeds INNOVATION, and this separates us as leaders from the rest. Our partners share our STRATEGIC VISION and our inherent desire to succeed.This is how we continuously evolve and progress, how we drive ourselves purposefully and inexorably forward.

    Corporate Responsibilities

    Apart from expending business, Layla & Lucy Limited actively participates in society development in the meantime. Engaging in a series of public welfare activities include talent nurturing, charity donations, cultural activities sponsoring, environmental protection, etc. Layla & Lucy Limited is demonstrating corporate responsibility to contribute to the country.