• Layla & Lucy Limited unique market insights allow us to identify and secure investment opportunities that create value for investors in the region. We always commit to managing these assets through to fruition with total transparency throughout the process.

    By partnering with different types of investment experts and local institutions, we also provide a diversified range of asset management services, which means we can cater for each client specific needs.

    Financial Services Platform

    Intergrated Fund Solutions

    Services for Small & Medium Funds :

    From infrastructure and incubation capital to marketing and distribution. Our Financial provides everything a new fund needs to facilitate a healthy launch and resources to build a strong track record - a support partnership so that fund managers can focus on performance.

    Financial Services Platform

    Our Financial has partnered with China's top Financial Management Companies to provide QDll/QFll solutions, China-centric asset management, and other financial services.

    Our asset management services include :

    1. Listed Equities Investment and Management

    - Mutual funds / unit trust funds Attuned to market conditions to regularly launch equity funds with different characteristics, including growth funds, global total return funds, value funds, regional / sector funds.

    - Discretionary Account Management To provide financial planning services customized to the needs of high net-worth customers.

    2. Hedge Funds Management

    - Attuned to market conditions to launch different groups of hedge funds from time to time. Strategies adopted include but not limited to long and short positions, multi-strategies and stock market neutral, etc.

    3. Private Equity ("PE") Investment

    - Project by project Layla & Lucy Limited will first select an investment project for which investors are sought and will be responsible for managing it.

    - Layla & Lucy Limited manages different types of PE funds as a General Partner (GP).

    *(PEIB Investment Approach) PEIB or Private Equity and Investment Banking, is a unique PE investment approach developed from the integrated strengths of Layla & Lucy Limited , which is an organic combination of PE Investment and investment banking operations. From the perspective of investment target, Layla & Lucy Limited not only provides financing like other PE investment, but most significantly, it could provide comprehensive corporate financial services for enterprises requiring external investments. Investors with capabilities of providing value-added services are welcomed by investee enterprises. From the perspective of investors, plenty of investment opportunities are made available for their selection, with the proper exit arrangements mapped out too. Hence, the PEIB Investment Approach of Layla & Lucy Limited is a highly-efficient PE investment method.


    Layla & Lucy Limited combines global best practices with deep China knowledge to offer clients integrated, market-based capital market solutions. We work with a select group of clients, mainly mid-to-small cap public and private companies who share the needs for insightful fund raising solutions. We originate and structure public and private placement of equities and equity-linked products, whereas integrating our sales and trading capabilities to execute an initial public offer, a placement or a debt offering. We identify unforeseen opportunities and unlock hidden value across China and international markets.

    Our equities research analysts deploy a variety of tools and resources to assess the industry outlook and companies in Greater China, ranging from alternative energy (renewable and clean), health care, TMT, consumer, automotive, financial institutional and industrial sectors.